• Dedicated Server


    Finest hardware quality

    Dedicated server from weblink - performance, reliability and stability at the lowest price from CHF80.- per month.

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  • Colocation


    The perfect home for your server

    Secure and highly professional data center in Switzerland

    • 99.9% network availability
    • FINMA-compliant & ISO-certified structures
    • 19" Rackspace as needed

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  • Safely secure



    Simple and affordable backup solution for PCs, Macs, servers, virtualization solutions and mobile devices

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    30 days free trial

  • Rent a Synology NAS


    Synology NAS in the data center

    Store your files, photos, music, etc. safely stored on a Synology NAS in our data center.

    Get 24x7 access to your data from anywhere in the world with the highest Internet connectivity.

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  • vRootServer


    vServer with a lot of power

    vServer on dedicated hardware.

    Includes 4 vCPU, 12GB memory & 500GB storage space

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  • Enough space



    No matter what programming language, database or application such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. You use, you get enough space for your website and your e-mail traffic. We take care of the complete server administration.

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Products at a glance

vServer Linux

vServer Linux

from CHF15.- p/M

  • CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Available in 15 minutes
  • Traffic Flatrate
  • Server location Switzerland

To offer


from CHF79.- p/M

  • CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows
  • 4 vCPU
  • 12GB Memory
  • 500GB disk space
  • Traffic Flatrate

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Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

from CHF99.- p/M

  • Professional Server Hardware
  • Flexible configurations
  • Up to 256 GB Memory
  • OS Linux or Windows
  • Traffic Flaterate

To offer



from CHF5.- p/M

  • Unlimited Emailaccounts
  • 20GB space
  • Professional SPAM-Filter
  • Teamfunction
  • ActiveSync - Optional

To offer



from CHF7.90 p/M

  • Linux- or Windows Hostingplattform
  • Unlimited Emailaccounts
  • Up to 75GB diskspace
  • No setup fee
  • Unlimited traffic

To offer

Webserver Provider

Webserver Provider

from CHF 10.- p.m.

Web hosting especially suitable for web service providers

  • Own customer administration
  • Own hosting packages
  • Own logo
  • No setup costs

To offer

Synology NAS

Synology NAS

from CHF39.- p/M

  • Full administration rights
  • Flexible configurations
  • Public IP address
  • Internet Connection 100 Mbps
  • Traffic Flaterate

To offer


from CHF4.- p/M

  • For PC, Server & Mobile
  • Central, multilingual web interface
  • Secure data encryption
  • Location Switzerland
  • Hybrid Backup

To offer

MX SPAM-Filter

MX SPAM-Filter

from CHF9.90 p/M

  • Multi-stage spam filter & virus protection
  • Works with all Mailserver
  • Multilingual web interface
  • Unlimited emailaccounts per domain
  • Location Switzerland

To offer



Die Datensicherungslösung NovaBackup muss direkt auf dem Server installiert werden
Datensicherungslösungen Kosten

Externe USB-Disk 1TB

CHF 15.-

NovaBackup Server inkl. externe USB-Disk 1TB

Nur Kompatibel mit Windows 2003 / 2008 & 2008R2 / 2012

CHF 30.-

NovaBackup Server Business Essentials inkl. externe USB-Disk 1TB

Nur Kompatibel mit Windows 2003 / 2008 & 2008R2 / 2012
Exchange 2003 / 2007 & 2010
SQL 2005 SP2 / SQL 2008 / SQL 2012
VMware ESX(i)/vSphere 4.x/5.0 über lizenziertes VMware vStorage API**
Genaue Angaben und Vorgaben zur Sicherung von VMWare

CHF 50.-


Ein externer FTP-Speicherplatz kann z.B. zur Sicherung von Daten genutzt werden.

Beschreibung Kosten
FTP-Speicherplatz 10GB CHF 9.90
FTP-Speicherplatz 20GB CHF 14.90
FTP-Speicherplatz 50GB CHF 19.90
FTP-Speicherplatz 100GB CHF 39.90
FTP-Speicherplatz 200GB CHF 79.90

Preisangaben, wenn nicht anders angegeben, pro Monat inkl. MWST

Externer NAS-Storage

Datensicherunglösung mit externem Synology NAS-Storage -> Zum Angebot

Datensicherungslösungen auf externe Datensicherungsgeräte wie Backupserver, Tapes, BackupExec usw. auf Anfrage

The Company

weblink is one of the first successful Internet Service Provider in Switzerland. Already in 1997, the privately owned company started with the supply of satellite services. A year later (1998) weblink got into the internet business. Today weblink offers a wide selection of the latest Internet services. For over 15 years the name weblink stands for the highest reliability, flexibility and excellent customer service.


weblink is registered as a Limited Liability Company and is 100% owned by the management.