• No investment costs

    No investment in licenses necessary

    As a partner of Microsoft, weblink offers to offer all offered dedicated as well as virtual servers, various Microsoft operating systems as well as Microsoft servers and applications in the rental model.

  • Benefit

    What advantages does this bring?

    • No unused licenses - you only pay as long as you need the license
    • Lower costs - No investment costs by acquiring software licenses that will not be needed later
    • Always up to date - no surcharge, always the latest version by SUS (Software Update Service) during the entire contract period

Microsoft Lizenzen für virtuelle Server

  • Licensing is per user


    TS-Client Windows CHF 11.-

    Notice: The activation of the terminal license server must be carried out by our support team. For activation, install all necessary Windows features ready for use and contact our support team.

  • Licensing is per user


    Office 2016 Standard


    Office 2016 Professional Plus


    Unless only 1 user works on your server, Microsoft Office multi-user use requires an active terminal server environment. Only install Microsoft Office after activating the Terminal Server role.

  • Core-based licensing

    Core licensing requires at least 4 cores per CPU or virtual CPU (or virtual core)


    Server with 1 CPU (6 Cores) -> 6 Core licenses = 3x CHF250.-
    Server with 2 CPU's (à 4 Cores) -> 8 Core licenses = 4x CHF250.-



    MS-SQL 2014 / 2016 Web/td> CHF 25.- (pro 2 Core)
    MS-SQL 2014 / 2016 Standard CHF 250.- (pro 2 Core)
All prices in CHF incl. TAX